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Before you can choose a motherboard you have to find the perfect processor that will meet your computing demands. There are two giant processor manufacturers who dominate the computer world today, the Intel and AMD.

AMD Platform

AMD processor are cheaper compare to Intel, this is the reason why mainstream users primarily prefers it while its graphics performance is excellent which is ideal for gamers out there. If you’re a budget conscious enthusiast you can build a powerful computer rig around $450 – $600 budget.

In terms of compatibility AMD wins the game by giving the consumers greatest options in upgrading their processor without the needs to buy a new board. The reason behind this is that, AMD sticks to the same socket platform while Intel’s frequently changing in its architecture greatly affects the processors pin configurations.

AMD launch its world’s first octa core processor in the form of Bulldozer with codename Zambezi and shortly followed by Piledriver which is commonly known as Vishera, after causing some problems with the first attempt. Jumping from quad core to octa core is undeniably a big leap to its performance, it doubles the core power while offering it at a lower cost compare to its rival looks like a great deal.

Performance and power wise it delivers superb efficiency as it lowers it power consumption. The most powerful eight Core processor from AMD is the FX-9590 BE  followed by the all time best seller FX-8350 BE.

To learn more you can read my Best AMD Processor 2015 here. The Vishera FX series version processor also comes in with six-core in the form of FX-6300 BE and quad-core FX-4170 BE design that performs more than enough for your daily computing applications.

My reviews for the Best AMD Motherboard in this site may help you decide the right motherboard that will perfectly meet your demands.

AMD’s Built-In Graphics Processor

AMD fans who are looking to save money on a discrete GPU the AMD A10-7850K APU processor is a good choice due to its built-in graphics feature. This processor totally different from Vishera FX-series and the board you need to look for is the socket FM2 which is specifically built for that processor.

The AMD’s A10 is the best processor you can find with built-in graphics that blew away the Intel’s HD4000 found in their Haswell processor. The A10s are overclockable if you need to squeeze more juice out of it.

The processor is available at a very affordable price as always with the AMD. If you need a cheaper APU version the AMD A8-6600K and AMD A6-6400K is definitely a wise choice. If you want to learn more about AMD processors feel free to read the full details of my Best AMD Processor 2014 article here.

Intel Platform

On the other hand, Intel processors are tougher, reliable and deliver superb performance. Their latest processor up to date is the Skylake which is no way compatible to Devil’s Canyon and Haswell, so as with Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge predecessors.

Upgrading from Sandy, Ivy, Haswell or Devil’s Canyon to Skylake will cost you to buy both processor and motherboard due to its different socket platform. Intel decided to leave the previous socket 1155 and the socket 1150 and now using the new Socket LGA1151 platform.

The brilliant design in the new Skylake processors brings superb power efficiency while providing a decent increase in its performance over Haswell and Devil’s canyon. Intel incorporates more and more features inside its processor chip such as the memory controller, chip controller, graphics and now they also include the voltage regulator. Motherboards are becoming simpler to design thus lowering its production cost with lesser components while the processor provides better energy efficient.

The integrated graphics found in the Skylake processor hugely increase its graphics performance in the new 500 series and transcoding applications as well. Overclockers out there will find the Skylake processors are easier to overclock and more flexible than its predecessors.

The latest processor from Intel up to date is the Skylake Core i7 6700K followed by Devil’s Canyon Core I7 4790K and Core i7-4770K Haswell processor.

It is followed by the Core i5-4670K, also a quad core but without the Hyper Threading and lower L3 cache while the  Core i3-3225 is a Dual core which is ideal for basic office applications. If you want to learn more about Intel processors you can read the full details of my Best Intel Processor 2015 article in this site.

Intel’s Most Powerful Processor

Intel has created the most powerful processor up to date in the form of Haswell-E. This processor is design for extreme gaming and performance, if you have an extra cash to spend with this is definitely the right one for you.

This is apart from the previous Haswell processors though, they share the same name but, in reality they are totally different in socket platform.

Like the Sandy Bridge-E, the Haswell-E uses the socket LGA2011 and supported by X99 chipset. The Haswell-E Intel Core-i7 5960X processor is an 8-core beast that comes in a 16-threaded design that delivers ultimate performance that conquers everything including the AMD’s 8-Core Piledriver. If you want to build an extreme gaming system the Haswell-E is definitely the right one for you.

Motherboard That Supports Intel Processors

The all new Skylake processor is powered by z170 chipset and you can check the Best Z170 Motherboard Review here while the Devil’s Canyon processor is supported by the Z97 chipset and you can check my reviews for the Best Z97 Motherboard here. The Best Z87 Motherboard reviews supports the Haswell processor, while the Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge have the Z68 and Z77 chipset respectively.

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