Sudeki Cheats For Xbox PC


Sudeki Cheats For Xbox PC

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Sudeki Final

la batalla final de Sudeki contra lord Talos…..
en la que tal y lord talos se enfrentan, en una pelea épica.

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Sudeki – Old But Gold

Sudeki was released by Climax Studios in the early 2000’s for the original Xbox. Despite being a well crafted game for its time, with a lush world, likable characters and entertaining combat, it baffles me just how few people have actually ever heard of it.

So many people, especially fans of singleplayer RPGs, complain about how long modern games take to make and how they feel as though there is not much to play, yet do not realise that hidden gems from the past such as this exist and are well worth their extremely affordable price tag.

In this production, I aim to showcase Sudeki to you in an attempt to get you to at least try it out. Despite its flawed PC port, it is, without a doubt, a classic worthy of being an addition to any RPG fans collection.

Longplay of Sudeki (1/2)

Longplay of Sudeki, played as the PAL version on the Xbox. This game’s version was released on Aug. 27th, 2004. Please give the video a like! Timecodes are below!

Part (2/2):

0:00:00 – Opening
0:03:44 – Illumina Castle
0:23:45 – Illumina Countryside
0:45:09 – Boss 1
0:52:13 – New Bright Water
1:16:32 – *Showing off one of the Sidequests
1:30:05 – Returning to Illumina Castle
1:51:45 – Illumina Castle Revisited
2:06:46 – Going to Shadani-Mo
2:26:18 – Shadani-Mo
2:40:00 – Shadani Temple
3:17:39 – Boss 2
3:25:12 – Shadow Realm
3:56:45 – *Good Grinding Spot
4:04:00 – Boss 3
4:31:15 – *Spirit Orb Sidequest
4:39:00 – Returning to New Bright Water
4:50:54 – Returning to Illumina Castle Again
5:04:33 – Going to Transentia City
5:40:14 – Transentia City
6:19:19 – Transentine Research Center
7:06:06 – Boss 4 (worst of them all)
7:34:23 – Going to Crystal Reef
7:39:58 – Crystal Reef

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