MSI Z97 Gaming 5

Gamers and enthusiasts are looking for the best Z95 motherboard. The msi z97 gaming 5 is perfect for their needs. This board is designed for optimum gaming performance with superb quality components to meet the demands of modern gamers. From the looks to its features it offers nothing but a killer performance.

MSI Z95 GAMING 5 Reviews:

The price it offers is at the mid-range level. It is below the $200 mark so that any gamers will hardly be passed on it. The greatest offering from the all-new Z95 chipset is the super-fast M.2 storage that reaches the 10 GBs speed limit. As opposed to the standard 6 GBs coming from the previous SATA 3, this further boosts the system boot-up time and program loading.


MSI Z97 Gaming 5


Looks and Connectivity:


From its black aesthetic matte color, covers the board’s traces with less busy looks is very much appealing. The heatsinks are well sized with a very nice design and great engraving of MSI logo, doesn’t seem to be cheap.

The board comes in a standard ATX form factor. So that it will fit most of the casing available on the market without any compatibility problem compared to other EATX boards. The regulator circuitry features a 12-phase VRM power design. It has a generous heat sink size to secure full stability during overclocking.

The CPU slot provides decent space for the cooler. If you decide to upgrade it with a water cooling system for overclocking purposes you can do so without any problems. Besides the CPU socket, there are four DIMM slots in all black color appearance. It can support up to 32 GB of DDR3 with a maximum frequency of 3200 MHz so that any memory speeds including OC RAM can handle without any problem.

8-Pin Power Connector – MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Edge AC:

The 8-pin power connector is nicely placed at the edge of the board beside the voltage regulator heatsinks. It doesn’t create any distraction for better wiring connections. On top of the DIMM slots is the 24-pin power connector in an excellent position. Beside it, is the debug LED and the voltage checkpoints. From which hardcore overclockers will be happy to have it as a handy tool for diagnostic purposes.

Turning on the side of the board, there are eight SATA 6 GBs connectors in a right angle position. It provides a fast connection. However, a lack of a SATA Express connector could be frustrating to others who are craving the new high-speed storage in this form. Though, there isn’t yet available in the market. In near future, it is expected to become a new platform.


MSI Z97 Gaming 5


Looking at the expansion slots, a healthy dose of ports can be expected. And an excellent layout is presented. Starting on the PCIe slots you can have three of them. With the first slot running at x16, followed by x8/x8 if dual configuration, and lastly, at x8/x8/x4 if all populated.


MSI Z97 Gaming 5 Compatible GPU:


In between the PCIe x16 slot, there’s a series of PCIe x1 that comes in a very nice spacing. For a total of four PCIe, x1 slot with none of these is an old PCI. It is a good sign of maturity in motherboard technology.

Cabling-wise, you can notice a smart position of the M.2 port between the second and third PCIe x16 slot. Another board manufacturers put it beside the CPU socket. It creates obstruction on the part of the CPU cooling system in case they upgrade to an oversize cooler.

Finally, on the back I/O panel, you can notice an army of ports to maximize its usefulness. Beginning at the left side where you can find the PS/2 and two USB 2.0. These are exclusively dedicated gaming ports. Followed by the CMOS clear button, four USB 3.0 in blue, and another two on the far right for a total of six.

MSI is fully devising the latest video ports on the market while leaving the old behind. The presence of two HDMI ports and a Display port is a big advantage for gamers and others. Finishing the lineups with the RJ45 Gbit LAN, another two USB 2.0 ports, and 5.1 channel audio jacks.


MSI Z97 Gaming 5

More Advanced Features from MSI Z95 GAMING 5:


The MSI Z95 GAMING 5 is based on the Z95 chipset like other mainstream boards. There are unique advanced key features that make them separate from the rest. The heatsinks are well sized with a very nice design and great engraving of MSI logo, doesn’t seem to be cheap. By providing a top of line Military standard components, it ensures full system stability and a longer life span.

This includes the High-c Cap that comes in a tiny form but delivers optimum efficiency. Due to its small appearance, it provides excellent spacing to give way for the CPU cooler. The addition of the Super Ferrite Choke on the voltage regulator circuitry provides 30-percent higher current capacity, another 20-percent improvement on power efficiency for better OC capability.

A high-end capacitor in the form of Dark CAPs with lower ESR provides more than a 10-year lifespan. Working with the old-time keyboard-driven BIOS setting could be frustrating. No more with the MSI Click BIOS 4. The latest UEFI BIOS from MSI provides optimization for Windows 8 OS. It runs smoother and reacts quicker with improved mouse support.

For overclockers, the all-new OC Genie 4 gives you the simplest way to overclock your CPU at a single push of a button. An additional 20-percent performance in CPU, Memory, and GPU is achievable effortless.


MSI Z97 Gaming 5 ATX LGA1150 Motherboard:


The Guard-Pro feature provides total system security. For optimum circuit protection, the MSI Gaming board includes top-quality materials, multiple PCB layers, and shielding. You can reduce your power up to 29-percent by disabling the unused chips through the Eco Power feature.

Reduce the moisture absorption through the Humidity Protection; untreated system board got a higher failure rate up to 10-times. Due to its Military standard components, it guarantees a stable performance even in a tough environment. I/O ports are fully protected against any Electro Static Discharge with its ESD Protection circuitry. It also reduces the impact of Electromagnetic Interference through the EMI Protection feature.


MSI Z97 Gaming 5 motherboard Specs:


The MSI Z95 GAMING 5 is made for hardcore gamers that pour heavy gaming features to meet everyone’s demand. Computer sound system has evolved dramatically to deliver the best quality and the cleanest possible. You can expect this level of quality with the MSI Audio Boost 2. It gives you total gaming excitement.

This makes it possible with Realtek audio chip with a dedicated power interface. It ensures its stability and powerful outputs. To complete your audio experience it includes the Creative Sound Blaster Cinema 2 software to enhance its sound.

To deliver the power output and audio quality for your headphone there’s Dual Headphone Amplifiers. This makes it possible by incorporating two physical audio chips onboard. So that both of your back panel and front panel audio ports can have the same level of audio quality.

The circuit also includes high-quality Nichicon Japanese Caps which are specially designed for audio filtering. To produce the best possible signal transfer a gold plated audio connector is placed on the audio port jack and a longer life span can be expected.


Gaming Device:


The MSI Z95 GAMING 5 provides a dedicated Gaming Device Port to maximize your gaming performance. The board provides a PS/2 mouse port and 2x USB 2.0 in red for smoother and highly responsive gameplay.

Network games and online gaming is the primary concern of hardcore gamers out there. The Killer E2200 is an intelligent networking platform that is built to secure a super-fast connection. It automatically increases game traffic speed ahead of another network for smoother and lag-free games.


MSI Z95 GAMING 5 Review (OverClocking):


Overclocking the MSI Z95 GAMING 5 is made simple for you especially for novice users. The fourth-generation OC Genie fully automates the CPU overclocking without the need for dirty work. With a single push of a button, you can increase your CPU clock speed up to 20%. You can select from Silent mode, Gaming mode, and OC-mode for the highest possible performance.

If you want an advanced overclocking potential the Click BIOS 4 is a very handy tool with boot time optimization. It is especially for Windows 8. The system is tested using the famous Haswell Core i5 from Intel with a 3.5GHz clock speed.

As we already know that Haswell processors are locked with 100MHz base clock frequency while the only thing we could do adjustments is from the multiplier and a bit of the core voltage. Though, Haswell is sensitive to high voltage that makes it limited for us to do full potential OC speed.

The maximum achievable OC speed for this board is at 4.6GHz. Though, we manage to go down a bit to 4.5GHz for full stability. The base clock is untouchable at 100MHz with x45 being set for the multiplier. And the voltage is set only to 1.3v. The system performance drastically increases in various games that run without any problem.


MSI Z97 Gaming 5

MSI Z97 Gaming 5 Mining:


Improvements on the msi z97 gaming 5 are clearly seen in this board compared to its predecessors. Though not much on the part of the Z95 chip, feature-wise it shows visual evident. From Audio Boost 2, aesthetic, network gaming and the UEFI BIOS drastically improved.

What separates the difference between the Z95 and Z85 is the M.2. It features a faster storage platform from the old 6 GBs to whooping 10 GBs. There’s no current availability of the SATA Express storage on the market. MSI should be forgiven for not including even one of these.

Overclocking this board made it easy for anyone with the OC Genie 4. Bundled software and features are very attractive though the Devil’s Canyon processor is not yet available. The MSI Z95 GAMING 5 delivers huge value for the price. It offers almost the same as the older Z85 platform.

FAQs about MSI z97 gaming 5:

Q: 1 In which form factor does this motherboard come from?

Ans: The board comes in a standard ATX form factor.

Q: 2 How does the heat sinks are sized?

Ans: The heat sinks are well sized with a very nice design and great engraving of the MSI logo, which doesn’t seem to be cheap.

Q: 3 How does the board is tested?

Ans:  The system is tested using the famous Haswell Core i5 from Intel with a 3.5GHz clock speed.

Q: 4 Can overclocking be done with a single push button?

Ans: Yes, the overclocking can be done by a single push button.

Q: 5 When the base clock is untouchable?

Ans: The base clock is untouchable at 100MHz with x45 being set for the multiplier. And the voltage is set only to 1.3v.


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