How much power does the i9 9900k Use?

i9 9900k power consumption is always a bit tricky, but as long as the 12V power supply (EPS) reading and the baseboard power sensor and voltage transformer losses match plausibly, you should be fine. So I use a clean power supply for the case again to avoid the influence of the motherboard.

How much power does the i9-9900K draw?  | Intel Core i9 9900k Power Consumption:

The PWM controller values ​​are actually very reliable when considered as average values ​​over several minutes.  Intel uses a number called  Thermal Design Power (TDP) to describe the amount of power a processor generates, and the i9 9900K is rated at 95W. i9-9900k wattage of power use. 

However, the actual amount of power used to operate at maximum speed up to 10W up to 10W. Core i99900k supports PL2 180W. Some of these important reasons will operate on the kernel of i910900F at a different frequency than the chip of I910900KF. i9-9900k power consumption is very good to save electricity bills.


i9 9900k power consumptionThe main system of the 9th generation I79700KF has a basic frequency of 3.6 GHz and improves the incremental frequency of 4.9 GHz and 95W. If you do not plan to synchronize, you have enough 500W of quality. The i9-9900K is a 95W CPU and the RTX 2080 is a 225W-250W GPU. i9 9900k max power consumption is 10 watts to 130 Watts.

Auxiliary power consumption (SSDs, fans, pumps, etc.) for typical desktop computers is typically low, with a total of 10-20W. I9 9900k max power draw is good for the electricity. 

Recommended PSU for i9 9900K | i9 9900K Power :

A 650 or 750 with quality branded PSU is sufficient.

450-750W PSU: Corsair SF Series


Performance grade Gold or Titanium 80 PLUS. A fully modular cable system optimizes airflow and minimizes clutter. It is seldom used and quiet. 7-year warranty. Does an i7 9700 K need more power for computer use?

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