ASUS Z87 Maximus VI Formula Review

ASUS Z87 Maximus VI Formula Review, Best Z87 Motherboard

Gamers who are seeking for the best performing board that will add to their rig the ASUS Z87 Maximus VI Formula could be an excellent choice. It belongs to the Republic of Gamers (ROG) family motherboard that promises not only extreme gaming performance but, Advanced and jam packed features.

The ASUS Z87 Maximus VI Formula Review gives you insights of the board’s innovative features, overclocking capabilities and performance. As you progress you’ll discover if it’s worth to buy. The Formula offers almost the same as the more expensive Extreme version though, it comes in a lower price range.

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The Looks And Connectivity

If the looks would be the main factor in choosing the best Z87 motherboard, the ASUS Z87 Maximus VI Formula definitely wins every eye. It comes in its traditional red and black color scheme that makes their appearance really bad. It’s a full size ATX form factor of 12 inch x 9.6 inch that will fit in any full tower casing.

ASUS Z87 Maximus VI Formula Review, Best Z87 Motherboard

You can notice a huge heatsink on the power phase circuitry beside the CPU socket. It has an awesome appearance that features CrossChill, first in ASUS that provides water and air for maximum coolness. The CPU socket provides enough space for an oversize water cooler as the board is intended for heavy OC for maximum speed.

Next to it is the 4-DIMM slot in red and black combinations that tells you the proper memory pairing. It can accommodate up to 3000MHz OC and 32GB of DDR3. A very generous SATA connector can be seen on the edge of the board in right angle position for fast connection. All of them supports the SATA 6GB/s, six came from the Intel Z87 chipset and the remaining four is provided by the ASMedia controller.

Looking at the expansion slot, we can see the three PCIe 3.0/2.0 x16 in all red that runs in x16, dual x8 or x8/x4/x4. The Z87 chipset was cover by hefty heatsink in a very nice design in black color with the ASUS logo on top of it.

Asus Maximus 4 Formula 4Finally, the back I/O panel is filled with an army of ports to makes sure you’ll never run out of it. Starting with the 6 x USB 3.0 in blue and 4 x USB 2.0 in black for a total of 10. You also have a LAN port, optical S/PDIF out, CMOS Clear button and ROG connect On/Off switch. For the video output there’s the HDMI and display port while the audio department provides a 6 x ports.

More Advanced Features Ahead

The ASUS Z87 Maximus VI Formula offers more advanced features to deliver the finest gaming board. This the Sixth generations of the ROG Formula family series that further improves its cooling system, best audio and advanced shielding technology to boost its performance.

As I stated earlier, the CrossChill is the first in ASUS that offers the latest air and water cooler that provides 23-degrees lower temperature on the MOSFET for full stability during overclock.

The Supreme FX Formula feature delivers the best 120dB signal-to-noise ratio that delivers brilliant sound with integrated 600-ohm headphone amplifier. This includes the Supreme Shielding trough PCB isolation, grounding separation and EMI cover shielding.

It applies the top quality components such as the ELNA audio caps and German made film caps that bring crystal clear audio outputs. As a result, a very realistic gunshots, explosions and footstep can be experience while playing games and watching HD movies.

There’s a noise cancellation circuitry features for superb voice quality whenever you’re making a call trough internet. If you’re familiar with the Armor Vest in which first seen in the Sabertooth board, ASUS includes it here in the form of ROG Armor.

It is not just only an extra style that adds to its looks but, it helps lower the system board temperature. It keeps the heat away from vital components that generates heat the most. At the back of the board there’s a solid steel frame that supports behind the PCB to prevent it from forceful bending during expansion card installation.

The ASUS Z87 Maximus VI Formula is made for hard core overclocking purposes. This won’t be possible without the Extreme Engine Digi+ 3 that delivers the highest stability for the processor and memory. This will push harder the CPU and memory afar from its border. It is backup with durable components such as the Japanese black caps and the NexFET MOSFETs.

WiFi and Bluetooth is the fastest way to communicate and transfer files from other device without the need to connect wires. The board provides a dual-band 2.4GHz/5GHz Wi-Fi 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.0 module. It provides an independent connection for the add-in device without sacrificing any of the PCIe port. The mPCIe combo II port also works with your high speed M.2 SSDs.

Some of the most compelling feature from ASUS is the Dual Intelligent Processors 4. It provides 4-way optimization for superb performance such as efficiency, digital power control, noise reduction and better cooling.

It consists of Turbo Processing Unit (TPU) and Energy Processing Unit. The TPU works as the system speed boost by simply picking your ideal frequency. The EPU provides power saving while maximize its efficiency.

This also includes the DIGI+ VRM that capitalizes the digital power settings for total Overclocking stability. For total system cooling the Fan Xpert  2 automatically adjust the ideal fan speed to cool down the whole system.

For painless BIOS tweaking, the ASUS UEFI BIOS set the new standard in CMOS BIOS that completely move away from the old fashion keyboard control. With the upgraded ROG UEFI BIOS, it records the last changes you have made so that you’ll never lose. Another thing is the in BIOS Quick note which is ideal for writing down the system details that reminds you of your personal settings.

The ASUS Z87 Maximus VI Formula has so much more to offer to create the best system you’ll ever want. This includes the SSD Secure Erase to restore the SSD’s factory default speed. The ROG RAMDisk turns the RAM into an accelerating storage and protects the data integrity while minimizing accidental corruption.

The Game First II is great for gamers who want to play fast in LAN without lagging. Some bundled software from ROG is the Kaspersky Anti-Virus that protects your computer from malware. Working with your CD’s and organizing your files for backup made it easy for you using the DAEMON Tools Pro Standard. To identify your current CPU speed there’s a ROG CPU-Z that comes in a better look.

Overclocking The ASUS Z87 Maximus IV Formula

To discover how good the ASUS Z87 Maximus IV Formula will overclock it was tested with the Intel Core i7-4770K. With a few simple tweaking on the multiplier the push it up to x 49 while leaving the bus speed at 100MHz we arrived at 4.9GHz. Pushing a bit the vCore at 1.26 volts to attain the final speed at its full stability.

This is way too high for any motherboard out there that only few reached this point. Although, it is the smaller brother of the Extreme version it did amazingly in this category. The board was tested in various game that shows tremendous smoothness.


The ASUS Z87 Maximus IV Formula delivers an awesome performance and exceptional overclockers. The board is action packed with advanced features while ports and connectors are generously giving everything that worth enthusiast level requirements.

During testing, the board shows consistency in topping the chart in every benchmark. By looking alone the board, you can already foretell its bad intention to perform and we’re very pleased for what it did. If the appearance would be a deciding factor, it definitely won the game! The price range is in between from mid to high but, the goodness you’ll get from it is overwhelming. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!