ASUS Maximus VI Hero Review

ASUS Maximus VI Hero Review, Best Z87 Motherboard Gamers who refuse to over spend on their motherboard, the Asus Maximus VI Hero is perfectly made for them. The board supports the Intel’s Haswell processor in Socket 1150 platform. The Asus Maximus VI HERO belongs to ROG (Republic of Gamers) series motherboard.

It is one of the Best Z87 Motherboard from Asus that packs with overclocking potential and gamer friendly features however, the price it offers is slightly above the mainstream board.

This ASUS Maximus VI Hero Review discusses the board’s features and performance from its connectivity to overclocking capabilities. Continue reading to find out.

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What Makes The Asus Maximus VI Hero Tough?

Asus pour on heavy features that make this board tough to bring the highest stability and performance through the Extreme Engine Digi+ III. This includes the 10K black metallic capacitors with 10,000 hours at 105C that offers five times longer life span and 20-percent better low temperature endurance.

The NextFET MOSFET provides 90-percent efficiency with enhanced durability and 50-percent smaller than the standard size MOSFETs. The exclusive BlackWing chokes stays cool even at hot conditions that can handle up to 60Amps of current with 3 to 5 degrees lower temperature compare to other ordinary chokes.

The Looks And Connectivity

The Asus Maximus VI Hero has a very eye catchy looks in its traditional red and black color scheme but, for sure this one has a better appearance with its improved design. The board is presented in a regular size ATX motherboard unlike the Gene version.

The heatsinks have fairly changed in a better way with a beefy size that has the capacity to withstand high temperature during overclock, this is probably the footprint of all ROG motherboard. The Z87 chipset on the lower part of the board has the ROG logo on top of its heatsink.

The CPU socket provides enough space for oversize CPU cooler for overclocking purposes. The 24-pin power feed is well placed on the edge of the board while the 8-pin connector is located beside the voltage regulator circuitry. It promotes a fast access and neat wiring connections.

The four DIMM slots are nicely color coded in black and red to distinguish the correct memory paring. The board can handle up to 32GB of DDR3 with 2133MHz OC. SATA ports are all in red color presented in paring mode with 6GB/s speed each, six of them came from the Z87 chip and the other two is provided by the ASMedia 1061 controller.

Moving on the expansion slots you can notice the three PCIe x16 slots, the first two in red supports the PCIe 3.0 NVidia SLI and AMD CrossFireX multi GPU configuration while the third in black PCIe 2.0. A single GPU runs at x16, two at x8/x8 and triple at x8/x8/x4.

Looking at the back I/O panel you can notice a not too busy ports starting with a mouse/keyboard combo port, four USB 2.0 in black, four USB 3.0 in blue, RJ45 LAN port, six audio ports, optical S/PDIF out, USB BIOS flashback and HDMI port that serve as the only Display port. Some finds it a bit lacking however, we have to realize that this board is a gamers’ stuff that requires a dedicated graphics card.

When the system was power up we can see a series of sparkling LED’s at the bottom of the board which greatly adds to its looks. A transparent casing will definitely take advantage of its amazing appearance.

More Features From Asus Maximus VI Hero

The Asus Maximus VI Hero has many features to offer and its UEFI BIOS is the world’s first most handy CMOS settings. Asus decided to revise it so that you can enjoy more its user friendliness features such as it records your latest changes while the in-BIOS Quick Note has written down the system details. This also includes short cuts and you can adjust the boot logo size, you can name the individual SATA ports for easy identifying your boot sequence.

When you’re playing games sound is significant for you to maximize the excitement. The Asus Maximus VI Hero features a SupremeFX audio quality with a true Audiophile grade performance that delivers the best quality sound from games, movies and music. This also includes the SupremeFX shielding that separates the analog from digital signal to minimize interference from other components within the PCB.

The Dual Intelligent Processor from Asus incorporates two physical chips that works to boost its system performance, efficiency, digital power control, minimize the noise and maintain coolness. This includes the Digi+ power control, TPU and EPU that pushes further the Haswell processor performance for overclocking purposes with maximum efficiency.

For optimum coolness, the Fan Xpert2 allows you to fine tune all the system fan with the lowest possible noise level. The 2nd generation T-Topology is made for extreme memory overclocking, it can adds another 5-percent OC margin during full load or 10-percent for single DIMM configuration.

There’s even more extra bundled from ROG board only that includes the Kaspersky anti-virus, Daemon tools pro standard which is a very handy tool for backup purposes, the ROG CPU-Z is exclusively design for ROG motherboard only that displays your CPU information and the Mem TweakIt lets you tweak your memory settings in real-time without the need for rebooting.

Overclocking the Asus Maximus VI Hero

Few things to consider when overclocking, firstly, get a descent CPU cooling system and secondly, you need to use the “K“ unlock version processor but, you have to pay for additional $30 premium. To maximize the board’s potential we have to use the Core i-7 4770K from Intel.

The board is very simple to overclock, if you don’t want to sweat you can activate the CPU level up feature that will take you instantly at 4.6GHz. However, if you prefer to do it manually you can simply increase the multiplier starting from x45 and work all the way up to your desired speed limit.

Leave the base clock at 100MHz and increase the CPU voltage from 1.2v to 1.3v or you can also utilize the Auto mode settings. The maximum achievable frequency is at 4.9GHz (100MHz x 49) though, the processor gets too much heat and barely not stable. We have to settle for 4.8GHz for full stability, after many hours of testing the system did well and its performance significantly increase especially in games.


The Asus Maximus VI Hero is one of the best Z87 motherboard you can have for your gaming needs. Its high end quality, features and performance provides an excellent value on the table with slightly pricier than any mainstream board. Although, some enthusiasts finds it short in the I/O ports with Asus tend to cut it down to reach the masses. For gamers who doesn’t want an extra frills on their computer rig the Asus Maximus VI Hero is definitely a wise choice. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!