ASUS Maximus IV Gene-Z/Gen3 Review – Best Z68 Motherboard For Budget Conscious Gamers

Budget conscious gamers out there who are looking for the best Z68 motherboard with the most affordable price, the ASUS Maximus IV gene-Z/Gen3 is perfect for your needs. This board belongs to the ROG (Republic Of Gamers) series from ASUS that will take you to the next level of your gaming experience.

What Do We Expect from ASUS Maximus IV Gene-Z/Gen3?

The ASUS Maximus IV gene-Z/Gen3 supports the third generation PCIe 3.0 that doubles the bandwidth of the existing PCIe 2.0 that gives you a 32GB/s speed in x16 PCIe slot. If you’re planning to use it for the new Ivy Bridge processor you can do so due to its full compatibility on its design, no need for BIOS update just simply plug and play and you’re good to go.

More Features From ASUS Maximus IV gene-Z/Gen3

The board has two PCIe 3.0 slots available that runs in a single x16 or 8x/8x for dual graphics manner, it supports both CrossfireX and SLI multi graphics configurations. In addition to that, you can fully take advantage of the LocidLogix Virtu features on the Z68 chipset which combines the Integrated Graphics from Sandy Bridge processor together with the discrete GPU for maximum display smoothness.

There are four DIMM slots on-board that supports up to 32GB of 2200MHz DDR3 RAM in a nicely color coded style for proper memory pairing. Looking at the storage, there’s a total of six SATA ports in which two of them in red color supports SATA 6GB/s and four SATA 3GB/s, this also includes the two eSATA 3GB/s provided by JMicron controller.

The board is loaded with USB ports so that you’ll never runs out of it, twelve of these are in USB 2.0 and four USB 3.0. If you love to watch HD movies and play games you got best quality sound output made possible with its SupremeFX X-Fi 2 in 8-Channel audio feature.

The new ASUS Maximus IV gene-Z/Gen3 is a gamer stuff therefore; we can expect lots of overclocking possibilities.  It features an Digi + VRM design that has an 8-phase CPU, 4-phase iGPU and 2-phase memory power design. Not only that, there’s an overclocking protection circuitry to make your OC safe in the form of COP EX (Component Overheat Protection EX) and C. P. R. (CPU Parameter Recall).

There’s an exclusive ROG only feature here such as the Game first, ROG Connect, BIOS Print, GPU. DIMM Post, CPU Level Up and the Mem TweakIt. You also got the common features from all ASUs board such as the MemOK! and the onboard switches such as Power, Reset and CMOS Clear which is very handy when testing the board.

Overclocking The ASUS Maximus IV Gene-Z/Gen3

Overclocking the ASUS Maximus IV Gene-Z/Gen3 is easy using the UEFI BIOS, by simply increasing the multiplier up to x46 while the base clock remains at 100MH/z you’ll arrive at 4.6GHz. That was an additional 1.3GHz on top of 3.3GHz default speed of 2500K processor that runs at fully stable conditions.

If you want to push it further a 5GHz is achievable, following the same procedure on the BIOS settings by increasing the multiplier up to x50 while leaving the base clock at 100 MHz and slightly tweak the voltage. However, you need an oversize liquid cooler to properly manage the heat being produced.


The ASUS Maximus IV Gene-Z/Gen3 comes in a micro ATX form factor design but it never sacrifices its performance. It gives you more room for overclocking that makes it a worthy member of the ruthless ROG family. The asking price is very much affordable so that it easier to recommend to anyone who’s thinking to build a powerful gamer rig that doesn’t break their bank. Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!