Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H Review

If you’re searching for enthusiast grade motherboard with at a lower price range, the Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H is definitely worthy to consider. The board is built with absolute toughness that has the capacity to withstand any pressure during operations, with superb overclocking capability that will take you the next level of your gaming experience.

The Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H belongs to the Ultra Durable 4 series motherboard that promises superb sturdiness for better performance. However, some ports are omitted to bring a very affordable price to masses.

What Makes The Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H Tough?

As a member of Ultra Durable 4 series, it doubles its PCB copper size that gives you an optimum signal transfer with superb power efficiency having the advantage of a cooler and more tolerance for overclocking purposes.

In addition to that is the new Glass Fabric PCB, High ESD protection IC, Dual BIOS, Anti Surge IC, All Solid Japanese caps and lower RDS MOSFETs. As a result, rock solid boards that almost a failure free system. Every Gigabyte motherboard is secure in its healthy package so that prevents it from damaging due to mishandling.

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Looking At The GA-Z77X-UD3H And Its Connectivity

The board looks fantastic in its all black color scheme with blue trim on the heatsink part. The CPU socket leaves more space if you decided to upgrade an oversized CPU cooler for overclocking purposes. You can also notice the mSATA port located beside the CPU socket, although it is limited to 3GB/s you can still take a full advantage of Intel’s Smart Response Technology. Enabling this will cause to hinder your two SATA ports.

There are four DIMM slots available also in all black color that comes in pairing manner for you to properly identify the right combination of memory sticks, it supports up to 32GB of 2400MHz DDR3. You have a total of six SATA connector with two 6GB/s and four in 3GB/s all provided by Intel’s Z77 chipset.

Power connectors are located on the side of the board for easy access. You have four SATA 3GB/s in black and two SATA 6GB/s in white all powered by the intel Z77 chipset. There are two PCIe 3.0 slots available in black which is nicely spaced that runs in x16 single or x8/x8 for dual and third also in black runs at x4. In addition to that is the three PCIe x1 and one legacy PCI slot, all in a black color scheme that adds to its awesomeness.

Testing the board makes it easy due to its on-board buttons availability such as the power switch, reset, CMOS clear and the LED debug display.

Looking at the back I/O panel you can see the PS/2 mouse/keyboard combo, six fast USB 3.0, two eSATA, Gigabit LAN, six audio ports and SPDIF out. The board is nicely field with graphics ports for you to fully utilize the new HD4000 display built inside the Ivy Bridge processor. This includes the VGA D-sub, DVI, HDMI and Display port.

Packed With New Features

The GA- GA-Z77X-UD3H is packed with state of the art features so that you’ll get the best best performance out of it. This includes with the all digital power in four main zones such as the CPU, Memory, HD Graphics and VTT. Gigabyte introduces the 3D Power Voltage Control, 3D Power Phase Control and 3D Power Frequency Control. This aims to supply the main areas of the system to get the best overclock possible with superb stability.

The board supports the latest PCIe 3.0 GPU that promises a better graphics performance that doubles the PCIe 2.0 bandwidth that makes it possible with the Z77 chipset from Intel.

Another great feature with the new 7-series chipset is the Universal LucidVirtu MVP that provides a smoother video display when combine with the GPU. This includes the HD4000 found in the new Ivy Bridge processors and posses the fastest way to convert video to any format via its QuickSync technology.

USB is now widely use in transferring our data’s since it is fast and reliable, this further boost its transfer speed with the new SuperSpeed USB 3.0 that increase its performance up to three times.

Overclocking The GA- GA-Z77X-UD3H

To find out how good the GA- GA-Z77X-UD3H will perform, it was put to an overclocking state using the Core i7-3770K processor. The processor’s speed is at 3.5GHz and the default base clock is at 100MHz with the multiplier is set to x35.

Using the Turbo Mode feature you can easily reach the 3.9GHz speed. The system automatically increased its multiplier by x39 while the base clock remains the same.

An additional OC feature of this board is the Easy Tune 6 that will instantly boost your processor speed with your own choice. By hitting the Level 2 pre-set frequency you’ll arrive at 4.443GHz with the base clock set to 103.33MHz and the multiplier at x43. You’ll immediately gain a speed of 944MHz on top of the 3.5GHz that runs the whole system with full stability.

Using the pre-set Level 3 you’ll arrive at 4.693GHz after rebooting, the Base clock is automatically set to 104.3MHz and the multiplier is at x45. The system failed to achieve the 4.8GHz speed limit but, the results were quite good enough at nearly 4.7GHz which improves drastically its performance at full stability.


The GA-Z77X-UD3H is no doubt a solid performing board once you hit its final OC. The board offers a lower price compare to its UD5H version to reach the masses. However, some of its ports are omitted such as lesser SATA 6GB/s, fewer USB 3.0 ports, single LAN port, no FireWire and a lower quality audio. Other than that, they share the same quality features.

If you find you’ll need anyone of those ports being removed this is not for you, if not, this is definitely the best bang for your bucks. The GA-Z77X-UD3H is ideal for those who are looking to save money with good features, performance and overclocking capabilities. Click Here to get it to its Lowest Price!