ASUS ROG MAXIMUS VIII HERO Review, Best Z170 Motherboard

Looking for hardworking gaming motherboard? The ASUS MAXIMUS VIII HERO could be your perfect companion. The ASUS MAXIMUS VIII HERO is part of the ROG (Republic Of Gamer) family that is consistently giving excellent performance for years.

With the new ASUS MAXIMUS VIII HERO in its third generation appearance promises an optimized enthusiasts grade gaming desktop. It is geared with 5-way optimization that enhanced its overclocking ability, power efficiency, extreme cooling that push its performance to optimum level.

The ASUS MAXIMUS VIII HERO is made to support the Intel’s 6th generation processor, the Skylake Core i7 6700K or 6600K. Well known for its quality, performance and good looks that makes the ASUS MAXIMUS VIII HERO is sought after with every enthusiast. The price it offer is somewhere in the midpoint to easily reach those on the budget side aficionados.

“As the title suggests, I hit and stabilized at 4.9 GHz on an i5-6600k on Day 1 of owning this board. The best part is that I didn’t do any of the overclocking manually!”

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ASUS ROG MAXIMUS VIII HERO Review, Best Z170 Motherboard

The Looks and Connectivity

The ASUS MAXIMUS VIII HERO looks awesome as always in red, gray and black color scheme. The board’s design is totally top notch, if the looks could be the main requirement in choosing the best Z170 motherboard it surely wins your heart. Heatsinks too are beautifully comes with silver/gray aesthetics. By the looks itself you can barely tell that this motherboard packs with goodness and excellent performance. Are they? Let’s find out.

The CPU socket provides decent space for the heatsink to properly breathe especially if you’re thinking to oversize it for overclocking purposes. Asus included in the board a huge plastic on the front I/O part that extends up to the SupremeFX 2015 sound solution. It reminds me of the Asus X99 TUF Sabertooth.

You can feel the maturity of this ROG board as it looks toward the vintage ASUS-Deluxe motherboard and less with the previous ROG version. Though, still you can see the all black color domination from PCB, metallic capacitor, PCIe slots and the PCH heatsink with the red logo embedded.

For those who like the light glow during operation the ASUS MAXIMUS VIII HERO includes the RGB LED’s on top of the ROG symbol. Another 10 red LED’s at the back of board that lightens up the audio isolation path.

For total coolness, the ASUS MAXIMUS VIII HERO provides a total of seven fan headers that support both PWM and DC voltage control. You can take advantage on this because it is not common to any board that supports both of them. It also includes a thermal control with socket for external fan expander. As you can see the ASUS MAXIMUS VIII HERO motherboard has improved a lot on its fan control.

The components used for power delivery system in this board are a top notch. The board incorporates with DIGI+ ASP1405 controllers which are backed by OptiMOS MOSFET, MicroFine Alloy Chokes and 10K black Metallic caps. The dual voltage controller works great for high performance components to permit a better fine tune control over power delivery and deliver excellent overclocking stability.

The ASUS MAXIMUS VIII HERO provides three PCI-E 3.0 x16 slots. The first slot runs at 16x using a single graphics card. The second slot also in gray color same as the first will run at 8x/8x using a two graphics card while the third in black runs at 4x. You can also notice the three PCI-E x1 located in between the PCI-E x16.

Looking at the storage ports, the ASUS MAXIMUS VIII HERO provides six SATA 6GB/s and another two more with the ASMedia controller. You also have two SATA Express ports that shares four SATA ports in PCH.

Beside the PCH chip is the M.2 slot in 4x that supports even the longest M.2 drives. The power, reset, and CMOS clear buttons are located at the bottom of the board. This also includes a header beside the power button for Thunderbolt add-in card.

ASUS ROG MAXIMUS VIII HERO Review, Best Z170 Motherboard

Finally, going at the back I/O panel you have four USB 2.0 ports in black and above it is the PS/2 mouse/keyboard combo port. The lowest USB 2.0 is use for BIOS Flashback and beside that is the BIOS Flashback button. It is followed by another two USB 2.0, HDMI port and Display port.

The ASUS MAXIMUS VIII HERO includes the latest 3.1 SuperSpeed+ port in Type-A and Type-C connector for extremely fast data transfer. After that you have two SuperSpeed USB 3.0 in blue and above that is the Intel 1GBit LAN port. Lastly, the TOSLINK connector with gold plated audio jacks for excellent signal transfer.


Being a ROG motherboard the ASUS MAXIMUS VIII HERO is packed with state of the art features that make your gaming experience top of the line. Gaming is more excitement if you have the audio quality, right? This what the ASUS MAXIMUS VIII HERO did with the SupremeFX 2015.

This makes it possible with top grade components that include ESS ES9023P digital-to-analog converter (DAC), ultra-low-jitter clock, Nichicon capacitors, 2Vrms headphone amp, and Sonic SenseAmp that automatically detects and optimizes any headset for optimum sound quality.

This is back up by Intuitive audio-tuning suite called Sonic Studio II. This includes the Surround function of 7.1 channels with equalizer, reverb, bass boost and voice clarity that guarantees everything you hear is astounding.

For best recording audio quality that reduces noise and stabilizing overall volume the Casting enhances feature makes it possible. It amplifies every sound details and boosting the bass effects in games and music playback. The Perfect voice minimizes noises to both incoming and outgoing communications during game chat.

The 5-way Optimization feature gives you the simplest way to tune all complex settings. To get you into an outstanding CPU performance, overclocking made it simple for you. This includes the Turbo Processing Unit (TPU) equipped with auto tuning; it automatically overclocks the CPU up to 95-percent potential frequency that guarantees stable operation.

The Energy Processing Unit (EPU) automatically adjusts the system power consumption according to the system requirements. The Fan Xpert 3 automatically regulates the PWM of fans or DC fans on your system for perfect cooling and quiet environment.

For stable digital power delivery and efficiency thus improves the overclocking potential the Extreme DIGI+ feature ensures it. Last on the list is the Turbo App that lets you customized overclocking, cooling, network prioritization and audio profiles for flawless application from media to gaming.

Not only on the CPU you can do overclocking but, in the memory as well. The ASUS 2nd generation T-Topology makes it possible to overclock the DDR4 memory up to 3733 MHz with all memory slots populated. The 2nd generation T-Topology greatly improved memory stability and compatibility.

Of course, every ASUS motherboard is equipped with the Media acclaimed UEFI BIOS for the simplest BIOS settings using mouse controlled GUI. It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice or advanced user you’ll find it quick and easy to navigate. You can easily update or refresh your BIOS using thumb drive even if the system is off with the USB UEFI Flashback.

For those who are frequently play games you don’t need to wait longer to load your favorite games with the RAMCcache. The ASUS MAXIMUS VIII HERO ROG motherboard intelligently cache in critical files on your storage device so that your favorite games and apps load in milliseconds without losing data.

ROG motherboard features the latest Intel Ethernet 1-219V for faster and smoother gaming. If you hate those gaming lags Intel LAN chip doubles the advantage by reducing the CPU workload thus boosting the TCP and UDP throughput. Your LAN connection makes it safe with the LANGuard. It is protected against electrostatic (ESD) up to 1.9x greater tolerance and 2.5x greater surge protection.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice PC builder you can build faster and safer with the ASUS MAXIMUS VIII HERO simple DIY features. You’ll surely love the Asus Easy PC DIY feature as it makes your PC building fast and fun.

Starting with the Asus CPU insertion kit, this makes it simple and safe installing the processor without worrying of damaging it. Simply put the CPU on the tool, insert it into the socket and close the latch then you’re good to go.

The Q-DIMM makes it easier to remove and install the memory sticks especially working in crowded computer case. It is also applicable to PCI-E slots that called the Q-Slot.

Everybody knows how tedious to connect the front panel wires, right? The most convenient way to connect it is using the “Q-Connector” feature. It totally removes the confusion in wiring the front panel by simply connecting it to the Q-Connector and directly plugs it to panel connector.

TrueVolt USB provides two dedicated power supply to all USB ports to minimize voltage fluctuation and data loss. It also includes the DRAM Over Current protection that uses resettable fuse to protect the RAM against short circuit damage. Some great safety features included such as two backplates, ESD Guards, Stainless Steel back I/O and Black Nickel Coated Q-Shield.


To discover how far the ASUS MAXIMUS VIII HERO can push the Intel’s Skylake Core i7 6700K, the board is set to overclock. It was test using the 8GB G.Skill Ripjaw V DDR4 3600MHz memory sticks x2, GeForce GTX 780 graphics card, Intel 335 180GB SSD, WD Black 1TB Hard Drive, Corsair H110i AIO CPU cooler and SuperNova 1000w P2 power supply.

Activating the Turbo Boost you’ll simply arrived at 4.3GHz with the DDR4 memory at 3600MHz. It’s very simple and it takes only seconds to accomplish.

If you’re not happy with these results, you can use the AI Suite III. By simply playing on the 5-Way Optimization section to customize few settings or go directly to press the button and watch for the OC skyrocketed.

As a result, you will arrive at 4.7GHz speed the same as the Asus Z170-A. Though, it took hours to do the tedious work while with the ASUS MAXIMUS VIII HERO in just a matter of seconds you’re done. At this frequency the system runs at full stability and an increase in its smoothness in performance drastically improved in various benchmark.

Overclocking the ASUS MAXIMUS VIII HERO is fun as it does everything to make it a breeze to anyone. Using the UEFI BIOS feature in manual makes it even simpler compare to older versions. The BIOS is laid down in a way that all features are presented in a very clear and direct way for those who are advanced users.

Actually for those who want to explore overclocking for the first time need not be afraid because the system makes sure you’ll never hurt it. You will simply get an Overclocking failed message then press F1 when error appears during POST.

With a little tweaking you can easily hit 4.8GHz on top of the stock speed of 4.0GHz. The system runs at 100-percent stable and with another 100MHz additional frequency from 4.7GHz using the AI Suite III.


The ASUS MAXIMUS VIII HERO Review receives an excellent appraisal at with 4.5/5 stars that prove its great performance. Here is one of the most helpful customer review.

“I can imagine it would be nice for those who want to OC but don’t know where to start.) Stepping in from stage left is ASUS’s AI Suite 3. Within AI Suite 3 is an app entitled “Dual Intelligent Processors 5″ wherein there is a button to be pressed called “5-Way Optimization.” Push that button and voila! 4.9GHz overclock!” By J. West >>Click Here to read more customers review.


The ASUS MAXIMUS VIII HERO comes in a rock solid performance and features as well. The board brings premium components to its arsenal to bring the best gamers can achieve without the bogus of unnecessary additives. Not only gamers but also budget conscious crowd can easily reach the ASUS MAXIMUS VIII HERO price offering.

Its overclocking capability is very strong, dead simple and stable. The board has so much to offer in the feature department as you can never be short of it. The inclusion of high grade components in the audio improves a lot its quality compare to the older design.

The eye catching looks and designs are truly admirable. The LED’s greatly contributes to its gorgeous appearance which is perfect if the looks could be a deciding factor in choosing the Best Z170 Motherboard. The ASUS UEFI BIOS outperform its entire competitor from MSI, Gigabyte to ASRock.

AI Suite III is another worth mentioning that makes it an all around favorite. You can easily reach a rock stable 4.7GHz in seconds without hitting the BIOS. Though, going down to UEFI BIOS could be fun to work with.

That being said, what else can we ask for a great gaming board? The ASUS MAXIMUS VIII HERO brings everything on the table. >>Click Here to get it at its Lowest Price!