Best Motherboard 2015

Computer enthusiasts are continuously seeking for the Best Motherboard 2015 that will satisfy their own computer build. With the newly released 6th generation processor from Intel called Skylake caught their attention. As it is now one of the most powerful processor you can have, of course, next to Haswell-E.

The Skylake comes in a newly platform package design with socket LGA 1151. This is no way compatible with the previous socket 1150 with Haswell and Devils Canyon processors. The new Skylake processor from Intel is paired with Z170 motherboard and driven by Z170 chipset.

The following are some of the best motherboard 2015 you can have, you part is to choose what suits you best.

Asus Z170-Deluxe2

ASUS Z170-Deluxe – Best High End Z170 Motherboard 2015

If we’re talking about high end motherboard you tend to expect everything from the board, right? That’s what the ASUS Z170-Deluxe did. Its got added features more than you could imagine from top of the line components, more storage, extra ports, best quality sound, looks, performance and overclocking capabilities. The ASUS Z170-Deluxe posses everything you’ll ever wanted.

The board is packed with features like the ASUS Pro Clock Technology, Dual M.2 adapter, six USB 3.1 ports that includes type-C and type-A. The latest Crystal sound 3 from ASUS brings unmatched clear audio signal while the Customized LED greatly adds to its beauty. Onboard Wi-Fi and dual Gigabit Ethernet with Turbo LAN for outstanding no lag gaming.

The modern UEFI BIOS for insightful CMOS settings that surely satisfies both novice and advanced users. For extreme durability the 5X protection II feature provides exceptional system safety. For fast and simple computer build I’m sure you’ll love the ASUS Q-Design, even that this is your first computer build you can never go wrong with it.

When it comes to overclocking, I honestly say that the ASUS Z170-Deluxe doesn’t beat the highest record out there but, it will surely run with the greatest stability. The board strongly comes with a top notch built with quality components. If you’re a power saver enthusiast the ASUS Z170-Deluxe provides outstanding power consumption. The best fan control you can have and the simplest way to use the automatic clocking options.

However, there are reports that this board is not well suited for older windows version such as Windows 7 and below. Though, the ASUS Z170-Deluxe posses the latest hardware, ASUS presume you’re using the most recent Operating System such as Windows 10 that works perfectly in here.

Put in your best graphics card, DDR4, cooling system, SSD and the Intel 6700K processor then you’ll end up with the most powerful computer rig. ASUS is one of the best motherboard brand out there and with the ASUS Z170-Deluxe you can expect a near perfection. >>Click Here to check the price and learn more.


ASUS MAXIMUS VIII HERO – Best Gaming Z170 Motherboard 2015

If you’re thinking to build a gaming rig, the ASUS MAXIMUS VIII HERO is definitely a good choice. Gaming means overclocking, pushing the processor to its optimum potential gives you the advantage of playing extra smooth. That is why the ASUS MAXIMUS VIII HERO is specifically design for gamers out there.

The ASUS MAXIMUS VIII HERO belongs to the Republic Of Gamer (ROG) board that will take your gaming experience to the next level. It is packed with features that are suited for gamers from overclocking, power efficiency, cooling system, outstanding audio signals and many more.

Gaming without having quality sound is boring, right? One of the highly noticeable features in ASUS MAXIMUS VIII HERO is its SupremeFX Audio. Asus did a great job in producing the best audio signal which is way better than its older design.

Gaming board tends to draw more heat that is why the ASUS MAXIMUS VIII HERO features an Extensive Fan control. This is probably the best fan control you’ll ever see in any gaming board. ASUS added more control that enhances user’s ability to take full advantage of fan management.

If the looks could lead to a critical decision in choosing the best motherboard 2015, the ASUS MAXIMUS VIII HERO will surely takes the lead. The heatsinks and the board color combinations perfectly combine to deliver outstanding looks and the PCH LED on the ROG logo is a big plus.

Some of the best features from ASUS Z170-Deluxe are also present in ASUS MAXIMUS VIII HERO such as the UEFI BIOS, 5-way Optimization, the Q-Connect, Asus Pro Clock Technology, 2nd generation T-Topology, USB 3.1 with both Type-C and Type-A ports.

Overclocking the ASUS MAXIMUS VIII HERO is simple, you can easily reach 4.8GHz on the Skylake’s Core i7 6700K processor. The maximum overclocked frequency on this board is up to 5.2GHz using an excellent cooling system.

If you’re a type of enthusiasts who loves to tweak, you’ll find the ASUS MAXIMUS VIII HERO fun to work with. It delivers outstanding overclocking stability at great heights. The ASUS MAXIMUS VIII HERO not only comes strong on its overclocking capabilities but, also in pricing. If you truly searching for affordable gaming board look no further. >>Click Here to check the price and learn more.

Asus Z170-A

ASUS Z170-A – Best Value Z170 Motherboard 2015

Having a great motherboard don’t need to be expensive, this is proven by ASUS Z170-A. This board is able to compete with some of the best motherboard 2015 out there with twice the price. The ASUS Z170-A reaches a good height when overclocked while having some of the finest components and features hugely adds to its value.

It carries the same amazing features like his big brothers such as the newest UEFI BIOS, 5-way Optimization software using the AI Suite III, Pro Clock, 2nd Generation T-Topology, Crystal Sound 3, USB BIOS Flashback, 5X Protection, and Q-Connect to name some.

Overclocking the ASUS Z170-A is simple. It can easily reach 4.8GHz using the Intel’s core i7 6700K. While the system runs at full stability without having any problems.

The ASUS Z170-A proves to be an enthusiast’s level performance and an excellent overclocking board. The price is lowered by not including the extras like dual LAN, WiFi, dual M.2, extra SATA and USB’s. If you’re a straight computer enthusiasts who you don’t need any of those extra frills the ASUS Z170-A is definitely a good choice. >>Click Here to check the price and learn more.