Best Intel Processor 2015

Best Intel Processor, Intel Core i7 Skylake Processor

If you’re searching for excellent performance, reliability and durability Intel processors are definitely a wise choice over its long time rival AMD. This is the reason why enthusiasts are continuously seeking for the Best Intel Processors up-to-date. I have listed some of the Best Intel Processor you can have depending on your applications to give you ideas on how to be smart in choosing the right one to satisfy your needs.

Best Intel Processor, Intel Core i7 Skylake Processor

The Most Powerful Intel Processor

The Haswell-E processor is now the undisputed king in the Intel line-up. If you’re thinking to build an extreme gaming rig or for heavy graphics applications with extra cash to burn this is it. The Intel Core i7-5960X processor is an 8-Core beast that comes in a multi-threaded design with bad intention to blow out all the competition including the AMD’s eight-core Piledriver.

What makes this processor powerful is its 16-thread and 8-core design inside the chip making it an excellent choice for heavy graphics applications such as video editing and extreme gaming. The Haswell-E is the successor of the Sandy Bridge-E with only 6-Core and 12-Threads processor.

Intel has comeback with more powerful Haswell-E processor having 8-Core and 16-Threads respectively. Though, they share the same socket in LGA 2011 platform the chipset that drives the new Haswell-E is the X99 as opposed to the older X79. The Intel Core i7-5960X processor runs at 3.0 GHz with TDP of 140 Watts. Though, some may consider it a power hungry however, this is always been the case considering its 8-Core and 16-Threads processor.

“Great CPU overall. Extremely fast with those 8 cores and 16 threads. You can easily overclock this to the mid 4GHz range. I run mine on a daily bases OC to 4.07GHz with DDR4 2800 RAM. I could go up to 4.4 or 4.5 if I wanted.” >>Click Here to read more reviews.

The Intel Core i7-5930K is definitely a good choice if you refuse the high price tag of Intel Core i7-5960X. This processor shares some of the 5960X feature, they differ in the number of core, Threads, L3 Cache and processor speed.

The Intel Core i7-5930K is presented in 6-Core with 12-Threads almost the same as the previous Sandy Bridge-E but, the Intel Core i7-5930K has more advance feature. The L3 Cache is a bit lowered into 15MB as opposed to the 20MB found in 5960X.

If you think the Intel Core i7-5930K has lowered everything, not with its core speed. It is runs at higher speed of 3.5 GHz compare to 5960X with only 3.0 GHz and have an excellent overclocking capability.      

“Fast CPU with flagship performance specs & nearly half the price of the 5960x. Decent OC’er but every chip is different. I wouldn’t recommend air cooling if you are planning on OCing. Modest performance boost over the 4930k, almost identical to the 4960x, just on a new platform.” >>Click Here to discover what people are saying about this amazing processor.

Best Intel Processor, Intel Core i7 Skylake Processor

Intel’s Best Processor Ever

Meet the all new Intel Core i7 6700K and the Core i5 6600K processor with codename Skylake. This new chip from Intel is presented in a new socket LGA 1151 platform which is different from the previous socket 1150 used in Haswell processors.

What’s new with the Skylake? The Skylake processors are energy efficient with only 91 watts TDP compare to the 95 watts TDP from Haswell. This made it possible with the smaller 14nm fabrication process unlike the Haswell’s 22nm and Sandy Bridge with 32nm.

The Intel Core i7 6700K and the Core i5 6600K processor can run with the Z170 and H170 motherboard. It supports the dual channel DDR3 and DDR4 in 1600 MHz and 2133 MHz. One of the most improved features in the Skylake processor is the HD Graphics performance. There’s a big boost on its HD Graphics 530 integrated 3D Video. It has a full support for Microsoft DirectX 12 and Ultra HD 4k resolution display.

For high end gaming applications the Intel Core i7 6700K is definitely an excellent choice. It was presented in 4-Cores and 8-Threads which is excellent in multitasking operations. The Intel Core i7 6700K is already clocked at fast rate of 4.0 GHz and can be turbo boost up to 4.2GHz. If you’re still greedy for speed you can still push it due to its overclockable capability. It also holds a huge L3 Cache of 8MB for fast data retrieval.

If you want to save $100 on top of it the Intel Core i5 6600K is definitely the way to go. They share the same feature as the Intel Core I7-6700K but a bit lower on its specifications. It has the same 4-Core processor but no Hyper Threading. It is clocked at 3.5 GHz and has a Turbo Boost frequency of up to 3.9 GHz. You can also do some tweaking on its frequency due to its overclockable capability.

The L3 Cache is also a bit trim down to 6MB. However, the good thing about the Core i5 6600K its lower power dissipation of only 65 watts TDP. If you want to save power and money as well this is one is a good pick. >>Click Here to check the price!

Best Intel Processor, Intel Core i7 Skylake Processor, Intel Core i7 Processor

Intel Core I7-4790K And Core i7 4770K

The Intel Core I7-4790K is still in use nowadays. With its codename “Devils Canyon” as the successor of the famous Haswell Core i7 4770K. The Core I7-4790K is a powerful contender in Socket 1150 platform which is presented in Quad Core and Hyper Threading feature.

The “Devil’s Canyon” provides an additional 15-percent on top of the Haswell Core I7-4770K at 3.5GHz. This processor from Intel delivers an already high speed of 4GHz while its turbo speed offering up to 4.4GHz as opposed to Haswell with only 3.9GHz turbo boost. An additional 500MHz is already gained on top of 4770K.

The Devil’s Canyon remains at 22nm Lithography though it provides more capacitor on the bottom side of the chip for cooler and better overclocking purposes. The core I7-4790K gives an advantage of having a cooler temperature. At base clock speed it provides 9-degrees lower than the 4770K. When the turbo boost is enable it doubles to 18-degrees lesser compare to its predecessor.

Power consumption looks good with the Intel Core I7-4790K. It draws only 88 watts which is excellent for power conscious enthusiasts. However, Intel reports that a certain restraint over the devil’s Canyon is that it can only be used with Z97 motherboard.

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