Best Intel Processor 2015

Best Intel Processor 2014, Best Intel Processor

If you’re searching for excellent performance, reliability and durability Intel processors are definitely a wise choice over its long time rival AMD. This is the reason why enthusiasts are continuously seeking for the Best Intel Processors up-to-date. I have listed some of the Best Intel Processor you can have depending on your applications to give you ideas on how to be smart in choosing the right one to satisfy your needs.

Best Intel Processor 2014, Best Intel ProcessorThe Latest Intel Processor

Intel Core I7-4790K

If you’re looking for power and performance, the Intel Core I7-4790K is probably the most powerful quad core processor from Intel. With code name “Devil’s Canyon” it provides an additional 15-percent on top of the Haswell Core I7-4770K at 3.5GHz. This latest processor from Intel delivers an already high speed of 4GHz while its turbo speed offering up to 4.4GHz as opposed to Haswell with only 3.9GHz turbo boost. An additional 500MHz is already gained on top of 4770K.

The Devil’s Canyon remains at 22nm Lithography though it provides more capacitor on the bottom side of the chip for cooler and better overclocking purposes. The core I7-4790K gives an advantage of having a cooler temperature. At base clock speed it provides 9-degrees lower than the 4770K. When the turbo boost is enable it doubles to 18-degrees lesser compare to its predecessor.

Power consumption looks good with the Intel Core I7-4790K. It draws only 88 watts which is excellent for power conscious enthusiasts. However, Intel reports that a certain restraint over the devil’s Canyon is that it can only be used with Z97 motherboard. >>Click Here to check the price.

Intel Core i7 4770K

The Core i7 4770K is intended to be the fastest quad-core processor before. However, with the release of the Devil’s Canyon it surpasses its capability. Intel calls it with a codename Haswell, it promises to bring a better graphics performance and less power consumption which is good for power saver enthusiast and mobile solutions.

Intel processors are constantly integrating more features inside its chip such as memory controller, chip controller, graphics and now they also include the voltage regulator. What are the advantages of this? Motherboard manufacturers are becoming simpler to design thus lowering its production cost with lesser components while the processor is becoming more energy efficient.

Haswell follows the same 22nm platform as the Ivy Bridge however it was the first System on a Chip (SoC) processor. Admittedly it doesn’t offer a big leap in its performance though you can highly benefit on its IGP and power efficiency.

Report shows that it hugely gains an excellent video transcoding performance and faster graphics that can literally outperform the AMD’s APU processors while it also compatible with DirectX 11.1. It can match the average GPU that will definitely save you more bucks from buying it separately. Power consumption also drastically decreases from 95W of Ivy Bridge down to less than 84W in Haswell processors.

Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge shares the same socket 1155 while the Haswell move away from it by introducing a separate socket in the form of 1150. Does it mean we have to purchase a new motherboard? A big yes, but the good news is that you can still use your existing CPU cooler taken from socket 1155 or 1156.

In terms of overclokability, Haswell processor gives us more flexibility than Ivy Bridge and Sandy Bridge due to its wide range of capability to adjust its base clock. Another thing is that newer motherboards design with Z87 chipset provides more options for easier to OC in less than a minute you’re done.

The Intel Core i7-4770K Quad-Core Processor 3.5 GHZ 8 MB Cache is the Best Intel Processor you can have. The “K” version let you overclock it with more than 1GHz on top of the default speed of 3.5GHz at ease and full stability. The hyper threading feature with its 8MB L3 cache performs well in heavy graphics and multitasking applications.

If you’re not into overclocking, the Intel Core i7-4770 Quad-Core Processor 3.4 GHZ 8 MB Cache is perfect for you. The same performance is achievable and you can save up to $30.

If you want to save further up to $100 off the price, the Intel Core i5-4670K Quad-Core Processor 3.4 GHZ 6 MB could be the wise choice. It can be overclock though without the hyper threading feature and less L3 cache at 6MB, the Core i5-5670K is not intended for heavy graphics and gaming applications but it can handle most of your daily multitasking needs.

Best Intel Processor 2014, Best Intel ProcessorThe Most Powerful Intel Processor

The Sandy Bridge-E processor is the undisputed king in the Intel line-up. If you’re thinking to build an extreme gaming rig or for heavy graphics applications with extra cash to burn this is it. The Intel Core-i7 39XX series processors are six-core beast that comes in a multi-threaded design with bad intention to blow out all the competition including the AMD’s eight-core Piledriver.

What makes this processor powerful is its 12-thread and 6-core design inside the chip making it an excellent choice for heavy graphics applications such as video editing and extreme gaming. One thing that lacks the Sandy Bridge-E processor is the inclusion of the cooling system.

Although, they share the same name with the previous Sandy Bridge processor, the Sandy Bridge-E has completely different in its pin configurations. In short, they don’t fit in the same socket and you have to purchase a different board with socket LGA2011 and powered by X79 chipset.

If you want to save few dollars the Intel Core i7-3960X 3.3GHz Extreme is $10 cheaper. However, a bit slower in its speed with 200MHz difference is a tradeoff but, less power consumption is a plus if you want to save energy.

If a $10 premium doesn’t hurt you go for the latest Intel Core i7-3970X 3.5GHz Extreme that really pays the premium with an extra 3-5% increase in its performance.

If $1,000 is too high for you, you’ll surely love the Intel Core i7-3930K 3.2GHz that offers half the price tag. The same 6-core and 12-thread goodness you can get here although, there’s a slight decrease in its speed and L3 cache but, the price difference is definitely huge.

Another excellent contender is the Intel Core i7-3820 3.6GHz at less than $300. If you don’t prefer overclocking a 3.6GHz is good enough to provide your needs. However, the major trade off here is that the processor operates only at quad-cores and eight-threads with 10MB L3 cache which significantly affects its performance.

The Good

Fastest processor up to date

The 6-Core and 12-threads design are extremely powerful in multitasking and graphics applications

Excellent overclocking capability for the unlock version

The Bad

No HD graphics On-chip

No cooling system included


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For Mainstream User

For mainstream user the core i7 and i5 Ivy Bridge processors are the best choice. This is also good for gaming, internet surfing, HTPC and for your general computing needs. Both processors have the unlock version for overclocking purposes but, the main difference between the two are the hyper threading and the size of its L3 cache. Of course, the i5 is the lower of the two as it offers a $100 cheaper than the Core i7.

Both processors have the integrated graphics that can match the lower-end to mid-range graphics card out there but, its transcoding ability found in these processors are definitely unmatched. If a video conversion is your main applications you’ll surely impressed with this one.

There are tremendous improvements in the latest HD4000 graphics found in Core i7 and Core i5 Ivy Bridge compare to the older HD3000 available in the Sandy Bridge processor.

Best Intel Processor 2014, Best Intel Processor

The Intel Core i7-3770K 3.5GHz is probably the Best Ivy Bridge Core i7 processor you can get. With this unlock version processor, you can add more than 1GHz over its 3.5GHz default frequency. It is geared with an 8-MB L3 cache with Quad-Core and 8-threads inside of it which is great for your gaming and multitasking applications.

If you don’t want to overclock it the Intel Core i7-3770 3.4GHz is a smart choice that can save you up to $30.

If you want to further save money to build your computer rig, the Intel Core i5-3570K 3.4GHz is the way to go. Currently available for only $219 and you can still enjoy the same quad core processing and HD4000 graphics here but, less thread and cache. At 3.4GHz you can overclock it above 4GHz due to its unlock feature.

The Intel Core i5-3470 3.2GHz is a good option if you’re not into overclocking, save your $35 and invest it in a good SSD.

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For Basic And Budget Conscious User

For basic office applications such as spreadsheet, internet browsing and HTPC the Intel Core i3 will perfectly suit those budget conscious users. The best Intel processor you can get from this category is the Intel Core i3-3225 Processor 3.3 Ghz, available for only $129 that brings an excellent value on the table.

Although it operates in a Dual-Core manner it features the same HD4000 graphics found in the pricey Core-i7 / i5 processor so that you can still get a descent display and fast transcoding video conversion.

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