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Best AMD Processor 2014,

Enthusiasts and power users demand an excellent processor to satisfy their computing needs. AMD could be the wise choice if you’re looking to build a powerful computer rig around $500 – $600 budget. Everybody knows that using an Intel processor doesn’t meet these level unless with their Core i3 which is not capable for such applications.

AMD’s first attempt to launch an 8-Core processor in the form of Bulldozer with codename Zambezi has facing some irregularity that causes to its drastic fall following its price drop. The company has a big comeback to bring out its advanced FX series version that comes in 8, 6 and 4 Core design which they called Piledriver with codename Vishera. It promises a 15-percent improvement over the older one that came closely compete with Intel’s Core i7/i5 processors.

The company has managed to stick with its previous socket AM3+ platform making it a brilliant choice for those who want an easy and low-cost upgrade. A simple replace of a processor gives you an instant upgrade into a monster rig. Aside from that, the Vishera FX series processors are available at a very low price and I guess no one wants to pass on it!

AMD’s Vishera processors have new features that you’ll surely adore aside from its performance improvements. Firstly, these processors are design under 32nm architecture that lowers its power consumption. It means that it produces less heat and you can save more energy to cut your electric bill. Secondly, all Vishera processors are unlocked so that you can overclock it freely to your desired speed.

The following are the best AMD processor you can have, your part is to choose the one the suits your needs the most.

Best AMD Processor 2014Eight-Core Processors

The AMD FX-9590 Black Edition is the most powerful in the FX Series lineup. This 8-core beast is already clocked at 4.7GHz and can be boosted up to 5GHz. The FX-9590 is a Black Edition processor, it means that you can freely do some Overclocking on it and surpass the 5GHz mark. L2 and L3 cache are both having an 8MB dedicated RAM for blazing data retrieval.

Though, the only drawback from a hard working 8-Core processor is a power hungry. It consume 220-watts alone with not yet overclock and expected to rise depending on the OC frequency increased.

The AMD FX-8350 Black Edition is next in this lineup. The processor is clocked at 4GHz with Turbo Core technology that will push it further up to 4.2GHz without doing any overclocking on it. Needless to say, it is capable to reach 5GHz speed mark provided with a good motherboard and cooling system. Contributing to its speedy performance is the inclusion of a huge cache with 8MB on both L2 and L3.

Thirdly, the AMD FX-8320 Black Edition shares the same specs with the FX-8350 that comes in a lower speed with only 3.5GHz default frequency and has the ability to push its Turbo Core up to 4GHz. Of course, you can save at least $15 on this. If a 500Mhz speed difference doesn’t hurt you this is definitely a good option.

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Best AMD Processor 2014Six-Core Processors

The AMD FX-6350 Black Edition is the best 6-Core processor you can get. Clocked at 3.9GHz which already fast and can be boost up to 4.2GHz. If you still unhappy with this speed you can set your own desired frequency and beat the 5GHz mark. This is possible due to its unlock version that belongs to Black Edition processor.

It is not a power sucker, it consume an average of 125-watts which is typical for AMD processors. Though, this will raise when subject to overclocking depending on the frequency of your settings. The L2 and L3 cache are equipped with 6MB and 8MB respectively.

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This followed by AMD FX-6300 Black Edition that comes in a much lower price. Having a base clock of 3.5GHz and a maximum Turbo frequency of 4.1GHz makes it ideal in any gaming and multi-tasking applications such as video editing. It has a three module design in Six-Core architecture with dedicated 6MB L2 cache and an 8MB shared L3 cache.

The processor is set to lower power consumption down to only 95w as oppose to the Bulldozer with 125w. Unless, you’re going to overclock it power dissipation will also increase and the temperature as well, just don’t forget to upgrade the CPU cooling system. Currently has a retail price of only $118 which is an absolute bargain. If you’re looking for a real performer in a very affordable price, this is it!

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If you want to save real money with 6-Core processor the AMD FX-6100 is definitely a real deal. This processor is available for only $100 which is definitely hard to beat. Clocked at 3.3GHz and can be boost  at 3.9GHz with the same 6MB L2 cache and 8MB L3 found in his big brother. Power consumption is on the low side with only 95-watts.

However, the FX-6100 doesn’t belong to the Black Edition therefore, no overclocking stuff is allowed. If you’re not into OC this is certainly a wise choice.

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Best AMD Processor 2014Quad-Core Processors

The AMD FX-4350 Black Edition is the most powerful in this line-up. This Quad-core processor is clocked at 4.2GHz and can be overdriven at 4.3GHz. Though, the stack frequency is already high it can be further push more than 5GHz mark. This makes it possible due to its Black Edition that gives you flexibility to its optimum potential speed.

It definitely can match head to head with the Intel’s famous Core i7 Haswell processors, though they can certainly beat them big time. The L2 cache is packed with 4MB of high speed RAM while the L3 has 8MB while the power consumption is at typical 125-watts.

This amazing Quad Core processor is available at a very affordable price as always. If you’re craving for the fastest 4-Core processor processor from AMD, you can never go wrong with it.

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If you’re a power saver enthusiasts and a money saver as well, the AMD FX FX-4300 Black Edition is perfect for your needs. Clocked at 3.8GHz and can be overdrive at 4.0GHz, this Quad-Core beast dissipates only 95-watts.

If you’re not satisfied with its 4GHz frequency, this Black Edition version processor gives you full potential of pushing its clock speed more than 5GHz. Both L2 and L3 cache is bundled with 4MB of super fast RAM. The price it offer is definitely adorable that brings tremendous value to anyone who’s craving for the Best AMD Processor.

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Last but not the least, the AMD FX-4170 Black Edition is seems to be the Quad-Core in the Vishera family that offers enough capability to satisfy those gamers and overclockers out there. It is clocked at 4.2GHz that can be Overclock up to 5GHz. No other processor in this price tag can give you this speed making it the most valuable CPU you can have.

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 AMD A10-7850K, Best AMD Processor

AMD’s Built-In Graphics Processor

If you’re thinking to save money by not buying a separate video card, the AMD’s APU processors are definitely a wise choice. By adopting the same principles as the Intel’s core processor, the APU’s incorporates an integrated GPU inside its processor.

Surprisingly, AMD’s APU has a better graphics display than any of Intel Core processor counterpart. However, the APU processors doesn’t fit with socket AM3+and it uses different structure in the form of socket FM2 motherboards.

The AMD A10-7850K is probably the most powerful APU processor from AMD. The Kaveri has an improved architecture than its predecessors by bringing closer the GPU to the CPU. The 7850K is a quad core processor with 8-Core GPU for a total of 12-Core. This new processor also includes the TruAudio technology and comes with an integrated DSP.

It has an excellent solution for HTPC applications and you can literally play game at 720P and even at 1080P to some games. The AMD A10-7850K is ideal for everyday computing task such as internet browsing and Photoshop. The power consumption is lowered to 95-watts which is excellent for a processor with integrated GPU.

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The AMD A10-6800K with the famous codename Richland is next in line. Another great APU from AMD that blows the competition away. It comes with unbeatable price tag running at 4.1GHz which is already fast and can be turbo charge with 4.4GHz. If you still unhappy with the speed, you can still squeeze more juice out of it due to its unlocked version.

This processor is packed with 4MB L2 cache and a 384 Radeon cores that runs at 844MHz for serious performance to completely outperform any of the Intel’s Haswell processors. Basesd on the AMD’s famous beast Piledriver architecture in FX-series ready to unleashed power to your desktop.

Power consumption is typical at 100-watts and can be expected to rise from 130w to 140w if overclocked.

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